Pancreatic cancer stage 4

I was diagnosed with liver, pancreas , lung and abdominal wall cancer stage 4.

It seemed hopeless from the moment I was diagnosed but I decided to seek a new treatment place and new cancer team.

I am so happy I did. 

I still am not sure if I will overcome any of this but they are working with me so closely and are every encouraging.

Re: Pancreatic cancer stage 4 @Cancer Research Expert

Hello, thank you for sharing your story, we are so happy to hear that you are feeling positive and comfortable with your new cancer care team. There are many options for patients to chose from when it comes to their care, including treatment options, here at Massive Bio they are committed to providing patients with clinical trial information including new cutting-edge treatments. You can visit their website to learn more and even schedule a call with one of their dedicated Patient Advocates. https://massivebio.com/